24/7 Emergency Service from the Most Trusted Name in Central Pa

If you’re experiencing a backup or your pump alarm is going off, we understand that you need service and it can’t wait until tomorrow – that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency pumping and diagnostic services. Our technicians have years of experience in the septic business, so you can rest assured we’ll identify the problem and help you find a solution before we leave. 
The best way to avoid problems with your septic system is to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis. We recommend every 2-3 years, but if you have a garbage disposal or your water consumption levels are higher than average, you may need to have your tank pumped more often. 
If you should experience a septic emergency like a backup, or your pump alarm is going off and you’re not sure why, we’re available nights and weekends to help you out of those crappy situations!

Know where things are located in case of an emergency!

Your pump alarm is typically located next to your electrical box. Most septic pump alarms have two settings, “horn” or “silent.” If you turned your alarm to “silent” after it started going off, be sure to turn it back to “horn” when things are resolved so you will be alerted of any future problems. 
Your septic alarm is usually located near your electrical box

"Thank you for your prompt and courteous response to our septic pump emergency. Keaton is such a personable young man, kind and polite. When he approached the door with his big smile we liked him immediately. Thank you for everything!"
- Don & Judy, Conestoga, PA

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